Nassib Yusuf

Niya Champaneria

Although Big Ocean has a BIG name, we're a small mom and pops operation, and we like it that way! 


Nassib Yusuf was born on a farm in Fiji and has been living in CA since he was 8. He is a Sgt First Class in the US Army and had two deployments during the Iraqi War. As a frontline combat veteran, he knows a thing or two about hardship. He's been a car mechanic since as long as he could hold a tool and he also has a full time civilian job. Nassib's father worked as a general contractor and Nassib worked alongside him at a young age.


Niya Champaneria was born and raised in the CA Bay Area to immigrant parents who were long time business owners in the North Bay. She started her entrepreneurial journey in nutrition consulting, then transitioned into online marketing and web design, which she still does today.


We believe it all comes down to relationships. We have 5 kids between the both of us and we're big on family time. We love to travel and love our small circle of close friends.


Real estate investing was always the dream for both of us. Coming from humble backgrounds, we always told ourselves that we would turn around and help the people who needed it when we could.


Big Ocean is one way that we do that. Our company is a collection of 3 different areas of real estate, all focused on putting cash back into the hands of those who need it most.


We love to make things easy for our clients, and the partners we work with.


We say what we mean and we mean what we say. Our word is our bond.


We're not sleazy sales people. We believe we can do well by doing good.


We treat everyone with respect because that's just how business should be run!

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